ELLEFF® STUDIO collection of bags choreographs simple design alongside unique detailing into timeless functional handbags, totes, and variety of carriers. Elegance in bag personality and stitching suggests beauty can indeed be simple, and yet luxurious and practical. Our use of commercial upholstery assures a higher design choice of patterning including fresh colors that are timeless as well as spot on trendy, whichever you prefer. Simply stated, beautifully designed products that are exquisite and durable.


Beauty in our art can be found in the details with perfection in every single stitch. Visible seams are fully top stitched, and hidden seams are double stitched to support performance of the final product. Pride is taken to ensure exposed upholstery edges are completely concealed; even inside the lined zippered pockets. Our unique handle design has a shape-forming, structural polyethylene insert wrapped with two layers of upholstery, creating structural longevity, as well as heart felt art in the care for quality.


We have perfected these designs over the past twelve years, and practical mindful elements make the ELLEFF® STUDIO collection of bags very useful. As busy people, each of you carries a variety of small items like phones and keys and make-up at any point in time. Features such as zippered pockets, pen holder, and a place to hang your keys, help keep quick-to-find personal items organized and at your fingertips. The larger bags have a stiffening bottom insert to support bag shape, with ease of removal for when it is time to shake out the “crumbs” that collect to the bottom. Adjustable shoulder straps in matching materials, attached with metal rivets, are plenty long to shorten or lengthen for all body heights.


Our bag material focus utilizing commercial branded upholstery allows us to create products that perform with longevity. The many reasons include a higher standard of material physical properties, colorfastness to light, cleanability, and abrasion. If sustainability is a passion, they also offer a wide variety of environmental solutions.



Indianapolis, IN

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